Class of 2023 Destinations

Wednesday July 19th 2023

Elmhurst students are at the heart of everything we do at the school. We care about the students whilst they are training with us and we care about their lives after Elmhurst, hoping they find the careers they have dreamed of pursuing during their time at the school. 

Every year we hope the final year graduate students of Elmhurst Ballet Company start to find their place in the world. It might be dance, but often it’s to continue their training elsewhere, homing in on a particular dance style they have connected with, or some decide to move into higher education or step back and take time to reflect on what is next for them. 

Every Elmhurst student is different and we hope they know life and success is very personal to them. Sometimes it happens overnight and sometimes it takes a little longer. But we hope with a little perseverance and patience, all Elmhurst students live their best lives and they live them with fulfilment and joy. 

The Elmhurst Class of 2023 wowed audiences in Birmingham and London recently and we know they will continue to wow audience across the world, wherever they go and whatever they do. 

At the end of the summer term:

Amelia Cook has accepted a place with the graduate training programme of Ballet de Barcelona. 

Florence Fowler joins The Phantom of the Opera in London’s West End. 

Isabel Tornqvist joins Alberta Ballet in her home country of Canada. 

Sophie Walters joins Birmingham Royal Ballet on the Elmhurst and Birmingham Royal Ballet apprenticeship programme. Former Elmhurst-to-BRB apprentices Ryan Felix, Hannah Martin and Olivia Chang-Clarke are now full-time artists with the company. 

William Davolls recently danced in English National Ballet’s Cinderella at the Royal Albert Hall and continues to audition. 

Jack Farren and Caitlin Edgington join Northern Ballet’s Graduate Programme. 

Leo Morad joins Israeli Ballet in Tel Aviv as an apprentice.

Léo Rech joins Baletto di Milano. 

Benjamin Spiteri joins ┼╗finMalta National Dance Company. 

Kazusa Murayoshi continues her training with the European School of Ballet in Amsterdam. 

Heidi Whiting pursues a career in musical theatre. 

Ella Dennehy and Samantha Wong join Elmhurst Ballet School’s Graduate Placement Programme. The programme allows graduates to continue their dance training whilst gaining practical experience in departments across the school. 


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