Social media campaign to motivate the body and mind

Tuesday June 2nd 2020

From Mindbuster Monday with our Maths tutor Manpreet Sambhi to Stretch Saturday with ballet teacher Sander Blommaert, and a range of fun and informative posts in between, Elmhurst’s current social media campaign helps to maintain students, staff and supporters’ physical and mental health during lockdown.  

Alongside Technique Tuesdaywith our Director of Dance, Work it Wednesday with our Performance Enhancement Coach, Thoughtful Thursday and Feature Friday, Elmhurst staff share their experience and knowledge to inspire and entertain. 

Check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and if you are dancing with us at home, please take a moment to ensure your environment is safe and you’re not going to injure yourself or break a family heirloom! 

For the campaign, Carlos Acosta, Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet and a Vice President of the school also sent a message of support


Social media activity included a #DontRushChallenge, or two! Not only our Class of 2020, the Elmhurst Ballet Company - set up to bridge the gap between school and professional life - but our Senior Leadership Team had a shot at not rushing things too! 


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