Elmhurst on Film

Thursday October 29th 2020

As so many performances move on to our screens, it’s increasingly important that our students experience the art of film-making and how it could be part of their own dance careers. A number of recent filming projects at the school has supported this and has seen our students engaging in dance for film.


Every year at the end of October, the school celebrates ‘World Ballet Day’. This year we asked a number of the students why they dance, what ballet means to them and how ballet makes them feel. In part, this was also the school’s and students’ response to the Government’s ‘Fatima’ advert (that has since been withdrawn) that suggested ballet dancers should “retrain in cyber”. At Elmhurst we believe every young person should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and be supported so they can keep doing what they love. View here: 



 We are thrilled to have worked with Make it Reel and its Producer and Creative Director Amar Sraan for our new promotional trailer! View here:


Also, in case you missed it earlier in the year, check out the national BBC Digital feature ‘Elmhurst Ballet School helping young dancers with body image’ here 

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