Tuesday October 19th 2021


At Elmhurst we continue to work on anti-racism and anti-prejudice within the school community. We believe this can come from open dialogue between our young people and adults. In October we celebrated Black History Month but we believe the issues we address are not isolated to a single month each year. They are ongoing conversations that we must have to learn and develop as a diverse and integrated school where everybody feels they have a rightful place and that their voice is heard.

To work towards a better, more informed and equitable Elmhurst: we continue to listen to those with lived experience of racism and accepting it as truth; we callout racism and discrimination whenever and wherever we see it; we continue to learn about inequality and how it affects others; we regularly assess our own thoughts about racism and discrimination; and we pass on what we learn to those around us, including family, friends and colleagues.

We remembered remarkable individuals, communities and dance companies of the African diaspora throughout October and a student-wide take on the South African born music to dance craze Jerusalema brought our corridors to life during the commemorative time. Captured by Birmingham-based videographers Make it Reel, international, national and local students came together and created their take on the feel-good song and dance that celebrates our common ground.  

You can watch the video here:



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