Pastures New for Class of 2022

Tuesday July 19th 2022


The end of an Elmhurst year is always full of mixed emotions as we bid farewell to some incredible, talented and resilient young people – the Elmhurst Ballet Company of the 2021-2022 academic year.

The young dancers of the Class of 2022 started Upper School and their final three years of training as the pandemic hit, so to see so many wonderful offers of employment, proves how hard they have worked, regardless of many hurdles. They are a group of committed and dedicated individuals who are ready to make their mark in life, be it on stage or away from performance as other vocations beckon.

As of 23rd August, we can share the following offers with you:

Contract offers

Amy Jones: Arts Ballet Theatre in Florida 

Satsuki Ueda: Arts Ballet Theatre in Florida 

Mackenzie Jacob: Teatrul de Sibiu in Romania 

Ben Lythgoe: National Ballet of Croatia / Ballet Vanemuine in Estonia 

Zack Pye: Arts Ballet Theatre / Orlando Ballet 2 in Florida 

Candela Nieto: Teatrul de Balet Sibiu in Romania 

Shea Linley: Royal Caribbean Cruises 

Isabel Falcus: Orlando Ballet 2 / Sarasota Ballet (Studio Company) 

Olivia Chang-Clarke: Baletto di Milano 

Lara Tessier: Delattre Dance Company / Arts Ballet Theatre in Florida 

Trainee and Apprentice contract offers: 

Olivia Chang-Clarke: Birmingham Royal Ballet 

Mackenzie Jacob: Northern Ballet Apprenticeship 

Zack Pye: Sarasota Ballet in Florida 

Lara Tessier: Ballet de Catalunya in Spain 

Further dance-related training offers: 

Leah Allen: Northern Ballet Graduate Programme 

Mackenzie Jacob: Northern Ballet Graduate Programme

Holly Slater: Northern Ballet Graduate Programme 

Alice Higginbottom: Northern Ballet Graduate Programme 

Zack Pye: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Lara Tessier: Northern Ballet Graduate Programme 

Satsuki Ueda: European School of Ballet 

University Placements

Alyssa Holliday-Smith: Salford University to study TV, Film & Stage Set Design 


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