Lower School Living

In Years 7 to 11, your Elmhurst home is one of our warm and friendly boarding houses. Here, you can enjoy your own space, as well as the communal areas you share with your house-mates.

Your house-parents are always around for anything and everything you might need, and also well-versed at organising fun weekend activities.

Our students love this setup and tell us: ‘it’s like a permanent sleep-over!’

Come and see for yourself!

Upper School Living

In Years 12 and 13, your Elmhurst home is off-site, in our state-of-the-art accommodation at The Elms, just a short walk from school.

Here, you get to enjoy and experience a taste of independent living. While you still have on-site house parents for guidance and support, the individual ‘living pods’ provide you with your own bedroom, along with a kitchen and bathroom shared with your classmates.

In your final year, you take another step towards independent living. At this point, your Elmhurst home is a private rental house or apartment. You still have the guidance and support of everyone within the school team and your classmates too, but you’re now making more of your own decisions and have more responsibilities – all of which are helping prepare you for life in professional dance.


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