Student Leader Entry: Ella on being eco-friendly in school

Monday June 3rd 2024

Ella, one of our Student Leaders in Year 13, talks about ways to incorporate eco-friendly habits. Recently she also shared this in our School Assembly.


It's hard to be an eco-warrior when you spend all your time in a boarding school. We can't go out and plant a garden or stop driving to school because we are already here.

I decided I wanted to make a difference and try my best to help save the planet. I also think the best way to do this while at school is to reduce plastic waste. So here is what I am doing and I encourage everyone to join me in saving the planet.


Let’s start in the bathroom as I think this is the biggest culprit for unnecessary waste and some simple swaps:

  • Disposable razor – Metal Safety Razor (all that is binned is the metal blade after 3 months)
  • Plastic Tooth brush – Bamboo Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste in a plastic tube – Natural toothpaste in a jar or tablets (Found online or Holland & Barret)
  • Plastic Dental Floss – Bamboo Dental Floss (Recyclable)
  • Make up wipes – Reusable makeup pads with micellar water or oil cleanser
  • Single use cotton bud – Reuseable cotton buds
  • Shower Gel in a plastic bottle – Bar of soap sold in a cardboard box
  • Shampoo and Conditioner in plastic bottles – Shampoo and Conditioner Bars sold in cardboard box (sold online or in Holland and Barret)
  • Deodorant in plastic tube – Natural Deodorant sold in cardboard or metal tin with refills (Wild is a fantastic option sold at Boots)
  • Plastic Loofa realising micro plastic into the ocean – Bamboo Loofa or Soap saver


I think sorting out the bathroom is a great place in reducing your eco footprint but its important to still remember the obvious things like walking or biking where we can, and bringing a reusable bag or cup when we go out with friends. It's important to make an effort. Even when we feel restricted by being at a boarding school there is still so much we can do.

I hope I have inspired people to make a change and help protect the planet.


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