Reaching Out

Thursday March 2nd 2023

During the spring term we continued to introduce very young children to ballet. Every year, we aim to work with at least three state sector schools to inspire an interest in dance amongst children who may never have considered ballet as a leisure activity or a career. For our Outreach initiative, Elmhurst Ballet Company members deliver workshops and Q&As and ignite a dance flame in their young audiences. 

As participation in dance in state sector schools is sadly on the decrease, we are driven to do what we can to pass our passion and expertise on to new audiences and potential dance participants. Complementing our full-time and weekend vocational training, our Outreach programme can include a series of ballet workshops delivered in situ, with opportunities for the young pupils who have participated to come to Elmhurst and watch live performances.

This year we have engaged with 300 primary school children and during the 2023 spring term we returned to Ark Tindal Primary School to teach ballet workshops, and Blue Coat School to deliver our Prep Steps Programme classes. Perryfields Primary School in Oldbury, Summerfield Junior and Infant School in Winson Green, Penns Primary School in Sutton Coldfield, St Michael’s Church of England Primary School in Bartley Green, Tiverton Primary School in Selly Oak, and St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School, Birmingham have all participated in the Elmhurst Outreach Programme.

As part of the programme, we also participate in community events and take short performances to care homes and hospitals, where residents have few opportunities to experience performance art.

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